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What is the Fabric District CIC? Meet the team revitalising a historic area of Liverpool

What is the Fabric District CIC?

Formed in 2017, the Fabric District Community Interest Company (CIC) came together to regenerate the Islington area of Liverpool.

The CIC is run by voluntary board members who come from major sectors across the city; from Fabric District business stakeholders to university professors.

Together, they are dedicated to revitalising the heritage one of Liverpool’s most historic areas, which has been home to many small and independent businesses for more than two centuries.

A vision to regenerate Liverpool’s historic Fabric District

The Fabric District CICs vision is to regenerate the Fabric District into a place that has more to offer its residents, both socially, economically and culturally.

Read more below to find out about the members of the Fabric District CIC’s board.


Michael Birkett, Chair of Liverpool Fabric District CIC

Dr. Michael Birkett is currently Chair of the Fabric District CIC and Group Chief Executive of The Regenda Group, a regeneration organisation with offices based in the Fabric District. The Regenda Group is known for regenerating places into new and innovative sites for economic and household purposes. Michael has also held non-executive director roles for various development and housing companies. He has been part of the Fabric District CIC since its inception in 2017, and Chair since 2020.


Jason Abbott, Founding member of Fabric District CIC



Jason Abbott is one of the founding members of the Fabric District CIC and is the owner of The Tapestry, a hybrid creative hub situated in the Fabric District’s Kempston Street. He is invested in the project of revitalising the economic and residential potential of the Fabric District because he has been involved with the area for most of his life, since his father Charlie had a printing company located in the building which is now The Tapestry.



Richard JennionsRichard Jennions has been part of the Fabric District from a young age, with his family business Try & Lilly making hats in the area since 1864. Specialising in furniture and interior designing, Richard has managed consumer-facing events and interior interventions for a range of global brands and independent organisations. Recognising the ideal location of London Road’s Clock Tower and  public toilets, Richard previously shared his vision for converting the two neglected buildings into new sites central to the Fabric District’s aims.


Nanette Mellor, C.E.O. at the Brain Charity



Nanette Mellor has been CEO of The Brain Charity since 2017, and has dedicated her career to the service of disabled people. She has over 25 years of experience as a disability and neurodiversity leader, providing residential care and supported living services, respite, day services and also managing employment and volunteering projects. She has been honoured with a One Ark Award for Social Impact, a Merseyside Woman of the Year award and as Social Leader of the Year at the English Woman of the Year Awards (North) 2018.



Diane CunninghamDiane Cunningham is the founder of  The Assembly Line, a place-based consultancy for high streets to create more business opportunities. Diane has strong experience in developing and managing marketing and communication projects for local authorities, architects, property companies and others who want to bring positive changes in their area. Being specialised in management and leadership, Diane is greatly invested in helping companies and businesses to understand their market, customers and other businesses.




Chris Clayton, Strategic Regeneration Lead at Fabric DistrictChris Clayton is a professional Chartered Surveyor, specialising in long term master planning and urban regeneration and renewal. He obtained his degree in Urban Estate Management from Liverpool Polytechnic, now Liverpool John Moores University.  Having acquired prominent experience working as commercial surveyor, Chris joined the Fabric District CIC as ‘strategic regeneration lead’ to promote social, economical and environmental changes in the Fabric District.


Mathew Ashton, Board Member of Fabric District CIC



Matthew Ashton is a pioneer-chartered architect who qualified from the University of Liverpool. He founded MGMA Architects in 2011, building a reputation for refurbishment and adaptation projects across the North West. He gives a uniquely new architecture to historically significant sites, having experience working with listed buildings, non-designated heritage assets, and scheduled monuments. Joining the Fabric District Board in 2022, he is involved in creative adaption and bringing new uses and perspectives to the historic environment.

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What is the Fabric District CIC?
The Fabric District CIC’s vision is to regenerate the Fabric District into a place that has more to offer its residents, both socially, economically and culturally.
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