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We see the Fabric District as an exciting new place in Liverpool. One that retains the best of what’s already here and respects its history, while welcoming a new community of homes and businesses. Our area has been a little neglected in the recent past but has a vibrant history and has always had an undercurrent of fiercely local commerce, which still exists today.

The Fabric District has the potential to be a resurgent force in Liverpool’s economy. A place for businesses to thrive and grow supported by the best transport and service provision in the city. A new 10GB connection in the heart of the Fabric District gives us the best connection speeds the city can offer, with a free wifi network being rolled out across the area and the Lime Street fast train to London only a 2 minute stroll away. We will also be welcoming a lot of new residents to the Fabric District from all walks of life. There are hundreds of new apartments being built within the area and more in the pipeline.

This incoming population of residents and businesses will require a step change in service provision and the quality of the public realm. With the council’s support and working with partners such as Mersey Forest and the Knowledge Quarter we will drive changes in our green infrastructure, carve out new public spaces, link effectively to neighboring areas and introduce public arts programs.

A large proportion of our area falls within the world heritage buffer zone and is bordered by significant heritage architecture. If we ensure the longevity of heritage assets within the Fabric District along with a high standard of design in our built environment, underwritten by the cities design review process our area has great architectural potential.

We hope to see the Fabric District grow into a bustling city center area where people work and play with lively, green and social streets bringing about increases in; jobs; businesses; homes; investment; active frontages; green space; cycle journeys; and community support as well as reducing the amount of anti-social behavior and crime.


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