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New multimedia art exhibition – ‘Unpublished’ – is coming to Liverpool’s Fabric District this October

A new multimedia art exhibition is coming to Liverpool’s Fabric District this October.

‘Unpublished’, running at Bridewell Studios & Gallery on Prescot Road from October 1st until October 16th, brings together artists from Cumbria and beyond who explored the changing landscape of the Duddon Estuary and the Haverigg Dunes.

A background to ‘Unpublished’

‘Unpublished’, an exhibition curated by Cumbria-based artist Irene Rogen, explores the human relationship with place and environment, highlighting important social issues and the areas’ impact on human life.

It features works by 15 prominent artists who took part in the ‘Unpublished Tour’, a multimedia event launched at Millom Palladium, Cumbria, in 2021 – after three months of art-based research explorations by land and water.

The ‘Unpublished Tour’ was invited by Liverpool John Moores University to be part of the Fabric District Arts Festival, which was unfortunately cancelled for 2022, so the Fabric District CIC instead invited the artists to exhibit their work in the area this October.

The different artists involved were brought together through their shared experiences of the Duddon Estuary and Haverigg in Cumbria – a fascinating historical and cultural landscape that is the primary subject of the ‘Unpublished Tour’.

The multifaceted relationship is explored through a continuous process of physical interaction and intervention with the place and produced in multiple art forms.

Free events happening at Bridewell Studios as part of the exhibition

‘Unpublished’ will be starting from 1st October until 16th October for people to walk in and view the exhibition at Bridewell Studios & Gallery.

The opening timings for the exhibition are as follows :

Week commencing 3rd October, 2022 : Wednesday – Friday from 12pm – 5pm

Saturday, 8th October, 2022 from 12pm – 8pm

Week commencing 10th October, 2022 : Tuesday – Thursday & Saturday from 12pm – 5pm

Friday, 14th October, 2022 from 12pm – 9pm

Art fans will also get a chance to meet some of the artists exhibiting their remarkable works on three specific days.

1st October: Private ViewBlack Combe seen from the Duddon Estuary, by Wallace Heim

The exhibition will commence on October 1st with a ‘Private View’ from 6pm-9pm, featuring the two monologues ‘We Slip. We Bind. We Beg.’ and ‘The Golden Oar’ by Wallace Heim, Kevin McNally and Marianne Walsh. The monologues reveal the subtle ways in which the landscapes around Millom and the Duddon inhabit our thoughts, work on our senses and give form and purpose to everyday activities. You can click here to book your free tickets.


2nd October: TalksMaking of the installation by Di McGhee

‘Talks’ will be the second highlight of the event, taking place on October 8th from 4pm-8pm.This will feature David Cooper and Di McGhee revealing their experience of the landscape that was once bustling with industrial community by the sea. Click on the link and reserve your free seats to hear the story behind David’s essay ‘The Duddon Estuary: The Myriad Lines of its Relations’ and what inspired Di to install the ‘Flow’ in the barren marshland.


14th October: Performance

The final event of the exhibition on October 14th will feature Irene Rogan and her social artwork ‘Flaming Fleeces’ from 6pm-9pm. ‘Flaming Fleeces’ is one of the central constituents of ‘Unpublished’, and stands for social awareness and public concerns with respect to the sheep farming community in UK. In her work, Irene reveals the unprofitable market conditions for UK wool producers and how they are forced to dispose of the fleeces by burning or burial. ‘Flaming Fleeces’ is a social art form that has been installed and made to flow over the waters to regenerate the traditional and economic value attached to wool farming community. You can click here to book your space for free to see this thrilling piece of work.

For further details about the Unpublished multimedia art exhibition, please contact :

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