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Welcome to the Fabric District : Liverpool’s original city centre

Why come to the Fabric District?

The Fabric District brings together spaces to live, work and play – and small independent businesses are its beating heart.

We are a vibrant, mixed-use, residential, commercial, leisure and cultural neighbourhood, where independent businesses, creativity and talent is nurtured.

Introducing the Fabric District’s new website

The Fabric District has launched a new website, www.fabricdistrict.co.uk.

The Fabric District CIC is committed to bringing back the area’s vibrant culture, promoting the new and innovative businesses and projects happening locally.

We work closely with our local community and Liverpool City Council to regenerate the area and make the Fabric District more attractive, culturally and economically.

Promote youBars in Fabric Districtr business and discover the area

There are a number of innovative and creative businesses at the heart of the Fabric District.

Our new directory will highlight these hidden gems of Liverpool, showing you what the Fabric District has to offer, so you can learn why more and more small businesses are calling it their home.

View the full directory to check out different businesses in the area, including cafes, bars, fashion designers, charity organisations, shops and more! If you run a business in the Fabric District, you can click here to add it to the directory

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Find out about Liverpool’s most exciting events

Our website’s informative events section is where you can get to know about exciting activities happening in the Fabric District, along with their venues and timings.

It is user-friendly and easy to navigate according to your personal needs and interests.

Monument Place and TJ HughesHow to find us 

Less than five minutes’ walk from Lime Street station, the Fabric District is located in Islington, Liverpool – the historic heart of the city’s textiles trade.

At the heart of the Fabric District is London Road, with Liverpool’s cultural quarter at one end at its universities at the other.

The stretch is punctuated by Monument Place, a grand market square surrounded by elegant architecture and home to the UK’s first TJ Hughes department store.

Come and see for yourself what this exciting area of Liverpool has to offer.

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