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Calling all Fabric District businesses – promote your company with our free directory

Do you run an business in Liverpool’s Fabric District?

Our new website will promote everything happening in the area, and help bring more new businesses to the Fabric District. Our goal is to be the first place people go to when they are looking for more information about the Fabric District’s businesses as we know there is a wealth of creative and independent companies based here.

On our website, you can check out the organisations which call the Fabric District home, find upcoming events and news and discover further information about the vision we have to help regenerate this area.

We also hope you will join our directory of Fabric District businesses to help promote your organisation and why you chose this area.

How to join the Fabric District’s businesses directory

If you have a business in the Fabric District, join our directory so your business can be found more easily. We will help promote your organisation and raise awPhotoGrid Plus 1622647977761areness of your brilliant work.

Joining the directory is very simple. From our website homepage, click on the ‘directory‘ button.

Then, scroll down and click ‘join the directory’. You will need to register a profile in order to add a business.

Once you have registered, simply log in with your businesses’ details and click ‘add place’.

You will then be asked to enter some details about the business such as its name, address and business hours. You can also upload some photos as well as your logo and a link to your website and any social media profiles.

Finally, once you are happy with everything, simply click submit listing’.  You will receive a confirmation message afterwards giving you the choice to see a preview.

A Fabric District CIC admin will then review your application and set it live.

How to add an event

Another important aspect of our website is the events section. Here, a list of any upcoming events in the area can be found.

As a business, adding any of your upcoming events may be beneficial as they will reach more people.40539405 1793167850798205 2346581057484095488 n1

Once you have created an account you can add as many events as you want, it follows the same process as adding a business to the directory.

To do so, once you are logged into your account all you need to do is click on ‘add event’, which can be found at the top right of the screen next to ‘log out’.

You then just have to add the details about the event such as the time and place, a title, a short description and an image. A link to the website can also be added, as well as the price of any tickets if required.

Get in touch

If you have any questions regarding the Fabric District CIC website or want more information about upcoming plans for the area, feel free to get in touch via our email address:

If you need support adding your business or event to our directory, we can also help you do this.

Please share this website with other people to help spread the word about the Fabric District and promote our creative local businesses.

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